2013 FMW Conference

Great Space Center, Lone Pine, California
August 8–11, 2013

Learning to Forget—Reflections on Self-Transformation


Imants Baruss—Keynote speaker on the theme of Learning to Forget—Reflections on Self-Transformation. Our being is constrained by patterns of conditioning so that much of what we need to do is to learn to unlearn those patterns in order to free ourselves from misguided ways of thinking about existence. I am going to weave this theme through a number of reflections on self-transformation such as the notion that physical manifestation is a projection of the mind, that the self is not what we think, that the past and future are fictions that are subject to change, that remote healing occurs, that we receive assistance from beings who usually do not reflect visible light, and that the impossible frequently happens. I will ground my reflections in experiments about remote healing and retrocausal recall carried out by me, my students and some of my colleagues, as well as my knowledge of quantum field theory, and Franklin’s written texts. I conclude with the notion that what we experience as reality is a dream from which we can awaken, and whose contents we can change through small movements of the mind.

Ron Leonard—Spirituality and Magic. Ron will discuss the nature of paranormal powers, as well as issues concerning their development and use relative to the Spiritual Path.

Doroethy Leonard—My Memories of Grandmother (Sherifa). Doroethy will share what is in her biography of Franklin, as well as her mother’s and father’s stories of Grandmother from 1932 on.


Thursday evening, following dinner, we shall gather to become (re)acquainted and share. Friday morning will begin with a Dream Circle, and Saturday morning a Tarot Circle. Bring a dream that you feel is spiritually significant to you, or to the group—especially one that Jung would call a Big Dream.

The program will include readings from, and discussion of, Franklin’s Experience and Philosophy. Please bring your copy, if you have one.

Saturday evening we will have a special program, followed by a Candlelight Ceremony.

The traditional sunday morning meeting follows the format that Franklin and Sherifa used for many years. (Many dress more formally.) It will include Franklin’s recording of “On the Nature of Phenomenal Siddhis,” followed by discussion—then, the Closing Ceremony and a noon potluck.



$185 (includes room and board)


Please submit a $50 deposit as soon as possible to confirm your space, or you can choose to pay the full conference fee now.

  1. Submit
  2. Or you can send a check to Doroethy Leonard at 5825 N. 12th Street, Unit 10, Phoenix, AZ 85014 (After June 1, send to P.O. Box 758, Lone Pine, CA 93545.)

Doroethy will provide breakfasts. Troy Tyhurst will be our chef for dinners (Thursday to Saturday) and lunches on Friday and Saturday. Sunday lunch is potluck.


There is a $25 reduction for camping here in the Great Space (using portapotty and outdoor shower) or for staying elsewhere.


Some scholarships are available upon request.

More Information

Detailed program and/or map available upon registration. We will help to coordinate transportation if possible. Contact Doroethy with questions or for more information.