FMWF Rejects New Settlement Proposal

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The Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship (Executive Director Bob Holland) has rejected a settlement proposal in their Breach of Contract lawsuit against Doroethy Leonard, as set forth by her attorneys. (See her posting of June 17, 2015, on the Friends of Franklin Merrell-Wolff Facebook page.) She will soon be posting (under the EMBRACE tab here) the text of a letter by her attorneys outlining the nature of the proposal and its rejection. (For the PDF version, contact her directly.)

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2015 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference

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The 2015 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference will be held August 6–9 at the Great Space Center. The Supreme Adventure (Franklin’s Allegory of the quest for Enlightenment) is this year’s theme. Ron Leonard, PhD, will present Franklin’s Mystical Philosophy—A Way of Realization. In her talk, The Heritage, Doroethy Leonard, M.Ed., MC, will relate the influence she experienced from Franklin and Sherifa, her grandmother. Doroethy’s daughter Jennifer Young, MC, Clinical Director at Southwest Network (Phoenix), will conduct a Group Process—What are the Barriers? Once the program is set, we shall announce the details on this website.

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2014 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference Report

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This year’s Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference at the Great Space Center was graced with 4 days of ideal weather, culminating with a full moon (The Supermoon) on the final day. The group was notably mature, balanced and dedicated, which brought our Dream & Tarot Circles to a higher level. Several new participants, from as far as Virginia, helped enhance its focus and commitment. This unusual capacity for prolonged concentration facilitated deeper philosophical understanding, particularly in discussions of Franklin’s Experience and Philosophy. At the same time, partly through our informal ’round table’ conversations, we quickly became family—intimate, receptive, and supportive. Loving acceptance and light-hearted humor eased the sharing by Doroethy & Ron Leonard of their profound and sensitive personal experiences, as well as Sherie Palmer & Jennifer Young’s Saturday evening program.

Our keynote speaker, Tom McFarlane, explained how he had become involved with Franklin’s philosophy, performed a succinct critique of empirical science from the perspective of Franklin’s Realization of nondual Primordial Consciousness, and explored an alternate direction for science to begin from its obverse so as to integrate the values of consciousness. The Sunday Meeting recording by Franklin, “The Ground of My Philosophy,” was selected especially to correlate with Tom’s talk, “The Philosophy of Science Without an Object.”

Unique features that added new dimensions to the conference included a healing circle and, for a few, a hike to the Ashrama, viewing the heroic roof repair done earlier this summer. Finally, Baiba Strad’s touching Closing Ceremony using heart-centered Sufi prayer and dance brought some to tears.

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2014 FMW Conference Details Online

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See the 2014 FMW Conference tab under “Embrace” for more information, including general program, schedule, logistics and cost. Reserve your spot today.

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New FMWF Lawsuit

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I had hoped that the next posting after announcing the Settlement Agreement (November 12, 2012) between Doroethy and the Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship, Inc., (“FMWF”) would be to report that its implementation had been successfully concluded…most importantly, that the Fellowship had successfully fulfilled its obligation to see the collection of the available recordings and writings of Doroethy’s grandfather, Franklin Merrell-Wolff–significantly reflecting his life’s work–safely and permanently housed with the Stanford University Library. Or, should the Stanford Library decline to accept the collection, another major research library. Instead, FMWF has ignored its obligations under the Settlement Agreement, has used the Agreement as a pretext for continually harassing Doroethy, and has now filed a second pointless lawsuit against her.

This lawsuit is wholly without merit. Doroethy will not only defend herself, but will also conutersue. When she prevails, she will obtain a judgment against FMWF for damages, court costs and attorneys’ fees, and she will pursue collection of that judgment till the last paperclip belonging to FMWF has been auctioned off by the sheriff of whatever county in which it may be found. This is not said vindictively or in anger, but sadly and resignedly. The crazy piece of machinery that FMWF has now become has proved that it will not stop until it runs out of fuel.

It is most unfortunate that the management of FMWF has chosen this reckless course. We understand that Bob Holland remains in control of the organization (even though its website list identifies only one officer–Chuck Post, who is supposedly chairman of its board of directors). Bob Holland either already has the whole collection in his office or evidently plans to transfer it there, where he intends to keep it. The vaunted donation to Stanford Library was never seriously attempted and is now exposed as nothing but Holland’s idea of a ruse of war, the Settlement Agreement but a deceptive truce to allow him to consolidate his forces. What will happen to the collection after his death, should it survive the financial disasters of Holland’s costly lawsuit and its still costlier end in defeat, is anybody’s guess. For Holland to be able to make FMWF invest its resources in a deranged attempt to obtain documents that do not exist, and may never have existed, would be tragic enough; the truth is, however, that it is so obviously impossible for this lawsuit to produce anything of benefit to FMWF or its stated mission that it is difficult to believe that the lawsuit is even about documents, existent or non-existent.

But perhaps the mystery of Holland’s motivation is not so impenetrable after all. The ego that mindlessly demands to be fed at others’ expense–is it not the very force which must inevitably seek to interpose itself between mankind and any teaching such as Franklin’s?

Even so…shine on!
Love and Light

P.S.: As I was at a loss as to how to communicate an edequate account of the events since the Settlement Agreement to those who are connected to Franklin’s Work, friends suggested that I have someone else assist in writing it. I am grateful to Brian Stanley for his passion and erudition in penetrating to the essence of the case and capturing the sense of righteous wrath that is so clearly required in any authentic response.

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