2016 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference

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The 2016 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference will be held August 4-7 at the Great Space Center. Ray Kerr will be the keynote speaker. The theme is Convergence–exploring how Franklin’s core teaching is reflected in other diverse spiritual or religious traditions. Ron Leonard, Phd, will present Epiphanies and Mental Realizations and Doroethy Leonard, M.Ed, MC, will discuss The Intuitive Approach to Franklin’s Philosophy. Once the program is set, we shall announce the details on this website under Embrace.

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2015 FMW Conference Report

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The 2015 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference was a great success. It seemed that each person left feeling that they had gained significant spiritual value from it. There was male-female balance and ages ranged from senior to high school senior (Sara, Doroethy’s youngest granddaughter). New members brought a depth and energy that harmonized well, and returning members stepped forward to contribute in different and creative ways—such as the delicious chili that James (Doroethy’s middle son) prepared for dinner.

The group reading of “The Supreme Adventure” at our Opening Ceremony set the theme for the event. We became true participants—not merely attendees.

Ron’s talk on symbols (pointer concepts) began with a general understanding of the nature of symbols, then illustrated with examples ranging from The Tree of Life to the Swastika to Franklin’s mandala. Other members then expressed the significance they felt concerning the symbolic item they had chosen to bring, opening a further dimension for us through their personal understanding.

Doroethy related her experience growing up with Franklin and Grandmother (Sherifa) not only as her grandparents, but as her spiritual mentors. She expressed her personal insights into their influence on her development from her unique and invaluable perspective. It resulted in a lifelong commitment to preserve Franklin’s philosophy and to continue his Work.

Her daughter Jennifer brought the group closer through a dyadic exercise for working through our barriers. It helped us to move from anger through hurt, fear and remorse to love.

Three ‘volunteers’ had been invited to give short presentations, followed by discussion. It was a surprisingly effective way for us to engage them and their spiritual perspectives.

At our Closing Ceremony, Baiba used heart-centered Sufi dance and song that moved us deeply. What a wonderful balance for the weekend!

Doroethy’s daughter Dana arranged the music for our other activities. It often evoked a meditative silence.

Our Round Table discussions were quite delightful, allowing for an unusual degree of sharing that bonded us more closely. Although the Supreme Adventure as a quest for Enlightenment is thought to be a solitary journey, we found that by sharing our unique paths it enhanced our appreciation for those of others and understanding the Path, as such…and afforded a sense of mutual support.

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FMWF Rejects New Settlement Proposal

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The Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship (Executive Director Bob Holland) has rejected a settlement proposal in their Breach of Contract lawsuit against Doroethy Leonard, as set forth by her attorneys. (See her posting of June 17, 2015, on the Friends of Franklin Merrell-Wolff Facebook page.) She will soon be posting (under the EMBRACE tab here) the text of a letter by her attorneys outlining the nature of the proposal and its rejection. (For the PDF version, contact her directly.)

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2015 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference

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The 2015 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference will be held August 6–9 at the Great Space Center. The Supreme Adventure (Franklin’s Allegory of the quest for Enlightenment) is this year’s theme. Ron Leonard, PhD, will present Franklin’s Mystical Philosophy—A Way of Realization. In her talk, The Heritage, Doroethy Leonard, M.Ed., MC, will relate the influence she experienced from Franklin and Sherifa, her grandmother. Doroethy’s daughter Jennifer Young, MC, Clinical Director at Southwest Network (Phoenix), will conduct a Group Process—What are the Barriers? Once the program is set, we shall announce the details on this website.

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2014 Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference Report

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This year’s Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference at the Great Space Center was graced with 4 days of ideal weather, culminating with a full moon (The Supermoon) on the final day. The group was notably mature, balanced and dedicated, which brought our Dream & Tarot Circles to a higher level. Several new participants, from as far as Virginia, helped enhance its focus and commitment. This unusual capacity for prolonged concentration facilitated deeper philosophical understanding, particularly in discussions of Franklin’s Experience and Philosophy. At the same time, partly through our informal ’round table’ conversations, we quickly became family—intimate, receptive, and supportive. Loving acceptance and light-hearted humor eased the sharing by Doroethy & Ron Leonard of their profound and sensitive personal experiences, as well as Sherie Palmer & Jennifer Young’s Saturday evening program.

Our keynote speaker, Tom McFarlane, explained how he had become involved with Franklin’s philosophy, performed a succinct critique of empirical science from the perspective of Franklin’s Realization of nondual Primordial Consciousness, and explored an alternate direction for science to begin from its obverse so as to integrate the values of consciousness. The Sunday Meeting recording by Franklin, “The Ground of My Philosophy,” was selected especially to correlate with Tom’s talk, “The Philosophy of Science Without an Object.”

Unique features that added new dimensions to the conference included a healing circle and, for a few, a hike to the Ashrama, viewing the heroic roof repair done earlier this summer. Finally, Baiba Strad’s touching Closing Ceremony using heart-centered Sufi prayer and dance brought some to tears.

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