Franklin Merrell-Wolff recommended that we study other spiritual sources. In particular, he suggested a study of Sri Aurobindo and Carl G. Jung. In addition, Spiritual Communities serve to reaffirm our path and strengthen us in our quest for Truth. The following are links for you to explore these other valuable offerings.

Center for Sacred Sciences

Exploring the mystical traditions, their universal principles, and their compatibility with modern science. The Center for Sacred Sciences is a non-profit spiritual organization based in Eugene, Oregon, where most of its programs are held. Teachings provided on the Center’s website and during Sunday public services are all made available to the public free of charge. Joel Morwood is the founder and spiritual director. He knew Franklin Wolff and lived on his property for a year in the 1980s.

Richard Moss

Self-realization must be lived in the context of daily human relationships with all the joy and suffering that they entail. At the heart of this teaching is the fundamental understanding that relationship to oneself, to another and to God—the transcendental Source—is an indivisible unity. Richard’s teachings embrace meditation, psychological reality, body consciousness, Self Inquiry, attention/energy, faith, and service to life. He offers writings and workshops. Richard has long been a friend to Franklin, his family and his community.

Integral Science

Thomas McFarlane’s site has extensive writings bridging mathematics and spirit. He has a great set of links to other sites of a scientific/spiritual nature. Tom has also been a presenter at several of the annual Franklin Merrell-Wolff conferences.

Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies

Dedicated to furthering interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigation of the nature and potentials of consciousness and extending the benefits to the general public. It was founded by B. Alan Wallace, a dynamic lecturer, progressive scholar, and one of the most prolific writers and translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. Alan has been a frequent visitor to the Great Space Center since 1986.

The TAT Foundation

TAT was established in 1973 to provide a forum for philosophical and spiritual inquiry. TAT was founded on the belief that your investigation of life’s mysteries is expedited by working with others who are exploring, perhaps down a different road, so that you may share your discoveries, exchange ideas, and compare notes in order to come to a better understanding of yourself and others.

The Mystic Missal

Formed to distribute and preserve practical esoteric knowledge that can help lead the serious seeker to a change of being. The Monthly Missal Newsletter features a monthly review highlighting a different system, teacher, or path, plus new articles, quotes and links.

The Self-Discovery Multi-Site Portal

What is behind the sense of ‘I am’? Who is living, and who is facing death? Who or what am I, essentially? Will some part of me continue on after death? Is there an unchanging, eternal part of me? Am I a part of some unchanging, eternal essence? For some searchers, working by themselves is the preferred method. Others intuit that finding a few fellow seekers to work with may expedite their progress. Still more fortunate may be those who find a living person who has made the journey and can provide assistance from the perspective of that realization. The Self-Discovery site is designed to offer all three modes of help.