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NEW as of 11/01/12

“Selected Short Articles,” edited with a foreword by Doroethy and Ron Leonard. A new collection of: Experiences, Poems and Aphorisms, Philosophy, Psychology and Metapsychology, Theosophy and Occultism, Socio-political Ideas. 38 short articles (125 pages), spiral bound

“Selected Correspondence” to and from Franklin, edited with a foreword by Doroethy and Ron Leonard (65 pages), spiral bound.

“Mathematics, Philosophy & Yoga,” edited and Illustrated with a preface by Ron Leonard, and a foreword by Doroethy Leonard (80 pages), bound.

“My Philosophy,” edited with a foreword by Ron Leonard (92 pages), bound.

“The Theoretic vs. the Aesthetic,” (21 pages), spiral bound.

“Two Kinds of Thought,” (5 pages) newly transcribed from a tape.

“Meditations on the Holistic,” (4 pages.

“The Two Poises of the Holistic,” (10 pages).

Pathways Through to Space, (New York: Julian Press, 1983), Collectible hardback copy.


Experience and Philosophy
SUNY Press, 1994 (paperback only). Includes Pathways Through to Space and Volume 1 of The Philosophy of Consciousness without an Object.

Transformations in Consciousness
Edited by Ron Leonard. SUNY Press, 1995 (paperback only). Includes Volume 2 of The Philosophy of Consciousness without an Object (also known as Introceptualism).

The Transcendental Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff
By Ron Leonard. SUNY Press, 1999 (paperback only; autographed by author). Revised from his Doctoral Thesis, University of Waterloo, 1991.

Aphorisms on Consciousness without an Object
The list of Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Aphorisms without comment, for meditation (booklet).

Merrell-Wolff Publishing Co., 1930. Written by Franklin Merrell-Wolff under the pen name, Yogagñani, while camping at the Mt. Whitney Portal.

Yoga: Its Problems, Its Philosophy, Its Technique
Merrell-Wolff Publishing Co., 1930 (photocopied and bound). Written by Franklin Merrell-Wolff under the pen name, Yogagñani.

Vertical Thought Movement
Merrell-Wolff Press, 1941 (photocopied and bound). A monograph written by Franklin Merrell-Wolff in reaction to the 1940 Presidential election.

Communion: An Allegory (of a rose)
By Sarah (Sherifa) A. Merrell-Wolff (photocopied and stapled).

Talks on CD

Discussion with Dr. Rein’l, Part 1 [88′]

Franklin Merrell-Wolff discusses with philosophy professor Robert Rein’l of Arizona State University, whether or not his readers can understand and appreciate what he has written about even if they haven’t had similar consciousness experiences. How does one express inexpressible qualities?

“This is like an abstract of Franklin’s teachings: He refers to Jung, Shankara, Aurobindo, etc., in a wide-reaching discussion. Dr. Rein’l has a few comments, but this is mostly a lecture by FMW.”1

The Transcendental Component and Its Relationship to Empiric Man [52′]

Original title: Purpose, Method & Policy of this Work Part 6

“In this lecture FMW goes into depth in reporting on what he termed the Transcendental Component, and what others have termed the Higher Self, and its relationship to Empiric Man. He also describes in some detail how these two aspects of Self interrelate during the process of transcriptive thought, how this differs from speculative thought, as well as how transcriptive thought and “the Current” appear as two aspects of the same process.”2

Other CDs

  • Epistemology and Realization [48′]
  • Extemporaneous Statement of My Philosophy [53′]
  • The Five Realizations [55′]
  • The Induction Experience [85′]
  • On the Limits of Clear Definition [46′]
  • On Space, Part 1 [71′]
  • On Space, Part 2 (new) [44′]
  • On Tulku [72′]
  • Pearl Beyond Price—An Allegory (new) [57′]
  • Percept, Concept and Reality [61′]
  • Speculative and Transcriptive Thought [43′]
  • A Theory of Reincarnation [51′]

Lectures on Cassette

  • An Abstract of My Philosophy, Dec., 1981 [70′]
  • Capstone Statement, July, 1979 [25′]
  • The Concept of Voidness, Dec., 1981 [30′]
  • Conscious Dying, July, 1979 [55′]
  • Consciousness not Subject to Dualism, May, 1971 [60′]
  • My Philosophy (Extemporaneous), Dec., 1972 [60′]
  • The First Fundamental, Mar., 1979 [60′]
  • The Five Realizations, July, 1975 [60′]
  • The High Indifference, Apr., 1975 [55′]
  • The Induction Experience, Jan., 1975 [85′]
  • Theosophy, July, 1979 [60′]
  • The Mandala of Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Aug., 1977 [60′]
  • On Love, Aug., 1970 [45′]
  • The Power of the Will, Sep., 1973 [25′]
  • Purpose, Method & Policy of this Work, 1976 [52′]
  • On Yoga, Aug., 1979 [45′]
  • The Three Fundamentals, Part 1, Nov., 1973 [67′]
  • The Three Fundamentals, Part 2, Nov., 1973 [57′]
  • The Three Fundamentals, Part 3, Nov., 1973 [70′]
  • Trikaya/Nirmanakaya, June, 1971 [60′]
  • Triune Constitution of Man, June, 1973 [63′]
  • The Unconscious, Dec., 1973 [60′]
  • The Yoga of Devotion, July, 1970 [70′]
  • The Yoga of Knowledge, Part 3, Sep., 1970 [70′]

Transcriptions of Lectures on Cassette

  • Absolute Consciousness
  • Aurobindo and Shankara
  • Capstone Statement
  • The Concept of Voidness (new)
  • Concerning Intuition (new)
  • Conscious Dying
  • Consciousness and Dualism
  • Experiences (of a 1937 Group)
  • The First Fundamental
  • The Fourth Realization (new)
  • The High Indifference
  • The Induction Experience
  • Introceptual Consciousness and the Jungian Unconscious
  • Is Theosophy Authentic? (38 pages)
  • Mathematics, Philosophy and Yoga (79 pages, bound)
  • My Philosophy, Part 1
  • On Love
  • Paradox and Its Meaning
  • Passing of an Avatar (Sri Aurobindo)
  • The Pearl Beyond Price
  • Perception, Conception, and Introception
  • Power of the Will
  • Questing
  • Redeemers
  • Religion, Psychology and Philosophy
  • Sangsara, Nirvana, and Paranirvana
  • Schematization
  • Thirty-three Years Later
  • Thoughts on Buddhism, Vedanta and Aurobindo
  • Three Functions of Cognition
  • The Three Fundamentals
  • Trikaya
  • Triune Constitution of Man
  • Tulku
  • The Unconscious
  • What is Soul (new)
  • Yoga and Psychotherapy
  • Yogic Purification