2017 FMW Conference Report

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The 2017 FMW Conference exceeded expectations insofar as it overflowed its designed framework in unexpectedly delightful ways. Also because those here for the first time made unique contributions. A pre-conference guest—a professor from Penn State University—set the stage for the weekend with a dynamic discussion at the Round Table over his gift of a home cooked gourmet meal. Two attendees were thus inspired to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Ashrama on Thursday, bringing a profound energy to the group upon their return. Later, a friend who had recently attained his PhD in England brought his lovely friend from Malaysia. The core attendees were comprised of only 3 astrological signs—with no fire signs among all who were here.

After several who were invited to be Keynote Speaker had declined, Ron reluctantly accepted, presenting an exploration of various notions of truth: refuting several defective approaches to truth, clarifying our common conception of truth as the correspondence of a proposition to the facts, showing how phenomenological reflection reveals an originary ground in intentionality—as the appearance of an object fulfilling to whatever degree the meaning intended—then culminating in a treatment of Transcendent Truth with special connection to FMW.

Although Mike Ellis did not feel ready to be Keynote Speaker, his Inversion Workshop was worthy of that venue. He guided us effectively through a version of Shankara’s Atmavidya that evoked a deep meditative state resulting in a sense of freedom from the habitual identification with objects, revealing the Subject-to-Consciousness.

Doroethy presented Sherifa’s Story, emphasizing her first half of life…prior to her marriage to Franklin. What a remarkable woman!

The Special Program on Saturday evening turned out to be a Healing Circle, as Ron found that (suggested by the group Tarot reading) there were several in the group—and more outside the circle—in need of healing energy…which the group then provided in powerful abundance. A heartfelt Candlelight Ceremony followed, transitioning naturally into a Starlight Walk during the Perseid meteor shower.

Other spontaneous developments during the weekend included a work party to complete one of Doroethy’s outdoor projects at GSC, and the selection of the most inductive part of Franklin’s “The Unconscious,” which sparked a discussion twice as long as the tape.

As has become traditional, Baiba led us in a Sufi dance of love for the Closing Ceremony, just prior to an intimate group sharing over a delicious potluck.

Ron Leonard

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