Great Space Center, Lone Pine, California
August 9–12, 2018

Richard Doyle, PhD—Consciousness-Without-An-Object (Still) Is: A Collective Experiment in Direct Realization—The first aphorism of Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Aphorisms on Consciousness-without-an-Object—“Consciousness-without-an-object is”—may be necessary and sufficient to all of the others. FMW’s pithy instruction offers an algorithm for directly navigating the Great Space. One need go no further than “Consciousness-without-an-object-is” to find the alpha and the omega of the aphoristic practice, a keen training in discerning our own inner states—what FMW dubbed introception. The closer we might work with even just this one aphorism as we feel the silence between the sounds and the words, the more we learn to release our perception of objects through acts of introception. The more we soften our attentional focus on the world of objects and observe the only domain of awareness where aphorisms are fathomed or fashioned, the more we realize that Consciousness-without-an-object (still) is. It’s what’s left when we let go of our attention to objects and fathom the aphorism, and even write our own. It still is.
Join Keynote Speaker Richard Doyle in the silence between the words where the realization that consciousness-without-an-object (still) is.

Ron Leonard, PhD—Consciousness, Nonlocality and Quantum Physics—Neil Bohr’s caution, “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you yet, you don’t understand it well enough,” suggests that Consciousness-with-objects is also profoundly mysterious. Ron shall explore the implications of QM (quantum mechanics) to transform our worldview.

Doroethy Leonard, M.Ed., MC—Intuition for Franklin, Jung & Aurobindo—In a recent book study group, someone asked if Jung’s concept of ‘intuition’ was the same as Sri Aurobindo’s. I wondered. I remembered Franklin emphasizing that ‘intuition’ is not the same as ‘Introception’. Hence began my research. That is what I will be speaking on at the Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference—Intuition.

Special Features—Thursday evening, following dinner, we shall gather to become (re)acquainted and share. Friday morning will begin with a dream circle, and Saturday morning a tarot circle. Bring a dream that you feel is spiritually significant to you, or to the group—especially one that C.G. Jung would call a Big Dream. On Saturday evening—a Special Program by Jennifer Young, MC, followed by a Candlelight Ceremony.
The traditional Sunday morning meeting follows the format that Franklin and Sherifa used for many years. (Many dress more formally.) The theme will be Absolute Consciousness. Following the Closing Ceremony (Baiba Strads) we shall share a noon potluck.
As usual, we shall enjoy communal meals and stimulating “round table” discussions. Doroethy will provide breakfasts and arrange for lunches and dinners during our program; Sunday lunch is potluck.

For information, email Doroethy@franklinmerrell-wolff.com or Doroethy@cox.net or phone 602-663-2322.