2016 FMW Conference


Great Space Center, Lone Pine, California

August 4–7, 2016

Ray Kerr will be our Keynote Speaker. He says, “This year’s keynote presentation will examine ways in which Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s native realizations can be illuminated and corroborated by looking at wisdom traditions from around the world. This talk, called Convergence, seeks to open fresh perspectives and shine new light on ways in which different cultural vestments clothe the same naked essence so rigorously expressed in Dr. Wolff’s experiential philosophy.

“Just puzzling over my words and trying to grasp their meaning is a sadhana quite sufficient to breaking down the wall’, says Nisargadatta. ‘It may be a stray word, or a page in a book, the Guru’s grace works mysteriously’.

And so in that spirit, my guru is my library, and there I wander, guided by an inner star. In addition to Dr. Wolff’s writings, I rely on a rich trove of spiritual literature to help light the way. I approach this not as ‘an armchair jñani’, as Alexander Smit would say, but as a dedicated explorer bent on awakening to the immensity of the Great Space.”

Ron Leonard, PhD—Epiphanies and Mental Realizations. Are these the same, and what does Franklin mean by calling his mental realizations propaedeutic? The treatment will be experiential as well as theoretical.

Doroethy Leonard, M.Ed., MC—The Intuitive Approach to Franklin’s Philosophy. “Most people who follow Franklin’s philosophy are intuitives, but what does that mean?”Thursday evening, following dinner, we shall gather to become (re)acquainted and share. Friday morning will begin with a dream circle, and Saturday morning a tarot circle. Bring a dream that you feel is spiritually significant to you, or to the group—especially one that Jung would call a Big Dream.

The program will include readings from, and discussion of, Franklin’s Experience and Philosophy. Please bring your copy, if you have one.

Saturday evening we will have a special program, followed by a candlelight ceremony.

The traditional Sunday morning meeting follows the format that Franklin and Sherifa used for many years. (Many dress more formally.) It will include Franklin’s recording of “Summary of the Five Realizations,” followed by discussion—then, the Closing Ceremony (Baiba Strads) and a noon potluck.

As usual, we shall enjoy communal meals and stimulating “round table” discussions. Doroethy will provide breakfasts and arrange for lunches and dinners during our program; Sunday lunch is potluck.

Cost: $195 (trying to cover expenses), includes room and board. There is a $25 reduction for camping here in the Great Space (using portapotty & outdoor shower) or for staying elsewhere. Some scholarships are available upon request.

A $50 deposit confirms your space ASAP; please send checks to Doroethy Leonard at: P.O. Box 758, Lone Pine, CA 93545. Detailed program and/or map is available upon registration. We will help to coordinate transportation if possible. For information, email Doroethy@cox.net.